The musician's body: towards a sensory pedagogy of music performance

The study aims to shed light on how body awareness and perception together with mindful practice contribute to build the instrumental technique.

This qualitative investigation into bodily awareness undertaken with a small sample of piano students (aged 8 to 22) from a French conservatoire, highlights the importance of sensory motor awakening in music education. In particular, the study showed that sensory awakening trough verbalization increases comfort, leading to refined proprioception and to a better understanding of the mind-body-sound interaction, opening a pathway to mindful practice and metacognition. Importantly, the paper points out that in France body-mind duality still pervades. In particular, bodily awareness is neglected in the musicians’ curriculum of the majority of French conservatoires.

Performed with a naive sample, the study shows that participants could easily direct attention to body sensations and body parts involved in playing, even if this capacity is correlated to age.

Frontiers in Psychology - Performance Science
informations complémentaires: 

bodily awareness, Perception, Piano performance, mindful practice, Proprioception, metacognition, sensorimotor integration


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