Proceedings of the First International Conference on Technologies for Music Notation and Representation - TENOR2015

Pierre COUPRIE (dir), Achille DAVY-RIGAUX (dir), Marc BATTIER (dir), François PICARD (dir), Alice TACAILLE (dir) Jean BRESSON (dir), Dominique FOBER (dir), Yann GESLIN (dir), Hugues GENEVOIS (dir)

Music notation serves the needs of representation, writing and creation. New musical forms such as electronic and/or interactive music, live coding, as well as the migration of musical instruments to gestural and mobile platforms, hybridizations with dance, design and multimedia tend to extend the notion of score in contemporary music, revisiting it through new forms of writing, and spreading it over different media. Until recently, the support provided by computer music to the field of symbo- lic notation remained fairly conventional. However, recent developments indicate that the tools for musical notation are today ready for a move forward towards new forms of representation. 

Musical notation, transcription, sonic visualization, and musical representation are often associa- ted in the fields of musical analysis, ethnomusicology, and acoustics. The aim of this conference is to explore these recent mutations of notation and representation in all these musical domains. The first International Conference on Technologies for Music Notation and Representation is dedicated to theoretical and applied research and development in Music Notation and Representation, with a strong focus on computer tools and applications, as well as a tight connection to musical creation. 

The scholarly conference, posters and demo are taking place at Paris-Sorbonne University and Ircam. 

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